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Mission Statement

Mission Statement: It is the mission of the Ella Lewis School to provide a safe and nurturing environment where every child can grow and learn with help of a capable and caring staff and support of parents and community members.

Vision Statement: The Steuben learning community has high expectations for the students of the Ella Lewis School. We want our students to grow and learn throughout their lifetimes and to become productive citizens who are responsible, trustworthy, caring respectful, evidence a strong work ethic and value the strengths of family life.

More specifically, the Ella Lewis School strives to help students develop the following characteristics:
  • A passion for life-long learning
  • The ability and desire to be productive members of society
  • The capacity to be risk-takers
  • The skills to be effective communicators
  • A sense of positive self-esteem
  • The strength to maintain individuality
  • The desire to be creative
  • The self-confidence to have high aspirations and the will to strive to actualize their potential
  • The self discipline to make appropriate choices
  • A respect for self, others, and the environment